Twitter: @RachelGillo
Facebook: rachelgeorgeillustrationprofile


Rachel George is a Freelance Illustrator & Designer from Lancashire, England.

She has been working in the Illustration & Design industry, professionally, since 2007. Her work has been published (and sometimes her work drives) throughout the UK, Canada, Australia, the USA, Poland and Malaysia.

Rachel has been providing cover design and interior illustration for publishing for over since 2010 and has created covers for Fantasy, Sci-Fi novels, Romance, Young Adults, LGBTQ+ publishing and has also illustrated for Children’s Picture Books. She also works in character art/design, concept art and video games illustration, and also the occasion vehicle graphics/decal design!

Although she is very happy to take on new clients and contracts, she asks that you contact her with as much time until your deadline as possible.

Rachel appreciates all enquiries, however, she asks that she not be messaged with unpaid work, work paying by “Exposure” or any sort of paid advertising. Thank you.

Feel free to send her an email regarding just about anything, quotes, enquiries, questions or coffee drinking.